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Fresh bags, crisper and other plastic products are shelf life

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Fresh bags, crisper and other plastic products have been integrated into our lives. So, this kind of plastic products have a shelf life? Expired plastic products will have an impact on health?
In addition to fresh bags, crisper, washbasin and other plastic products in fact have shelf life, because the use and specific components are not the same, shelf life is not the same, most of the plastic shelf life of 2 to 4 years.

Experts suggest that the shelf life of the food class plastic is best not to use, so as not to endanger the public health. Many people usually use some plastic boxes like plastic boxes, not pay attention to its shelf life, one with a few years often. In fact, we pay attention to observation, you can find fresh bags, garbage bags and other soft plastic production date and shelf life, and 3 to 4 years of the majority.
And plastic box packaging is not necessarily, and some production date and shelf life are, and some are not, there are only some of them. In addition, the basin, trash, toothbrush cups and other plastic products are not showing the production date and shelf life.
Plastic products and food, there are shelf life, but the composition of each plastic is not the same, the specific shelf life is different, this, the state has a clear description of the relevant provisions. Plastic over the shelf life of some can be used to see the naked eye, such as plastic brittle, yellow, and cracks, and these are plastic expired performance, but these can only be seen in the hard plastic, for the preservation of bags , Garbage bags and other soft plastic, expired is not easy to be found.
So, after the shelf life of the plastic can continue to use it? Fresh-keeping boxes, bottles and other food products related to the health of people’s health, the best use in the shelf life, and garbage bags, wash basins and other plastic products, even expired , The impact is not great. In addition, exposure to high temperature exposure, or save unreasonable, will accelerate the aging of plastic, shorten the shelf life of plastic.

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