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Why the plastic products turns yellow

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Plastic products have been everywhere in our lives can be seen, you have found a long time for the plastic products will turn yellow? What causes the plastic products turn yellow?

In general, plastic products are produced by the aging or degradation of the material, the general PP is due to aging (degradation) generated, due to the presence of polypropylene on the side of the base, its stability is not good, especially in the light Case. Generally add light stabilizer. As for the PE, because there is no pendant, the general processing or the use of the initial yellow situation is not a lot.
PVC will turn yellow, and the product of the formula is relatively large
That white is oxidized, and some masterbatch surface is easy to oxidation, it is necessary for the masterbatch surface treatment.
In addition to the system of poor additives, impurities, etc., I think is mainly caused by aging, adding appropriate antioxidant system and anti-UV agent can improve PE, PP yellowing, but many hindered phenolic antioxidant system itself will bring To a slight yellowing, and some antioxidant and anti-UV agent there is resistance, so when used to be very careful. Adding a polymer lubricant, mainly in the machine wall to form a flowable polymer fluoropolymer film, to improve the extrusion performance of polyolefin resin, extrusion pressure and processing temperature, improve product quality, production capacity, reduce Production costs, reduce or eliminate melt rupture, reduce scrap rate.

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