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The use and technology of dipping products

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What is dipping? Dip is a plastic coating process, the plastic coating in the matrix (usually metal) on. According to whether the need for heating is divided into hot-dip and cold-dip plastic, according to the dipping of raw materials to sub-points can be divided into liquid dipping and powder impregnation.

Dipping is to heat the metal powder evenly sprayed on the metal to form a layer of plastic film, or heating the liquid into the metal pieces so that after cooling the plastic coated on the metal surface, can be processed in various shapes and other features are widely use.

What is the process of dipping?

First, polyethylene thermoplastic powder coating, also known as polyethylene powder resin coating, is the high-pressure polyethylene (LDPE) as the base material, add a variety of functional additives, color processing production of anti-corrosion powder coating, impregnated coating layer has excellent Chemical resistance, anti-aging, impact resistance, bending resistance, acid resistance, salt spray corrosion resistance, and has a good surface decoration performance.

Second, the conventional construction conditions:

1, the workpiece rust, to the oil treatment, heating to 350 ± 50 ° C (specific heating temperature depending on the size of the workpiece heat capacity, the test may be).

2, the workpiece immersed in the fluidized bed, 10-12 seconds, heated to 150 ° C-230 ° C, remove the surface leveling, and finally by cooling can be.

Another time forming plastic powder, no fluidized bed.
Third, the main purpose:

Widely used in highways, railways, parks, courtyards and other fence, bicycle baskets, shelves, hangers, refrigerator grille surface coating.

Fourth, the characteristics:

Sweat sheath thicker generally maintained at 0.5-3MM, have a strong impact resistance, while the protection period is longer.

(PVC) PE (polyethylene) HTV (methyl silicone rubber) and other materials of the jacket products, product categories are: terminal jacket, copper (PVC) PE (polyethylene) Sheath, wiring harness products, battery terminal protection, battery jacket, and so on.

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