• Flame retardant test for insulated cover

    According to the vertical combustion test of 《GB 2408-2008 plastic combustion performance measurement method and vertical method》, 5 samples were randomly selected.

    2018-11-15 RHICAP

  • RHI Custom Dip Molding Products

    These rugged vinyl caps are perfect for all types of packaging and mailing applications. The durable vinyl material will not crack or split and provides a secure, airtight seal to protect the contents

    2018-11-15 RHICAP

  • RHI's pvc dipping products apply to new energy

    RHI electric, the parent company of RHI plastic industry, specializes in the production of various new energy soft connection, copper/aluminum connection busbar, sheet metal stamping parts, copper foil soft connection etc., to provide customers with more quality services and convenient experience.


  • Currently Ads for Hand Grip Manufacture on Nov 19th, 2018

       Do you want to know the most updated information about the Hand Grip Manufacture? Below are the latest advertisements for it. You can read it and find the helpful information that yo

    2018-11-19 Onepound-Li

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