What is silicone rubber insulation sheathed?

2018-11-15 17:07:16 RHICAP

In our lives, silicone rubber wire sheath structure is simple, easy to install, can be reused, with the same type, high flexibility, long life, good insulation and other advantages. In recent years, in the transmission line “six anti” work gradually applied, especially for anti-bird damage, wind defensive effect is better.

Ordinary silicone rubber mainly consists of methyl and a small amount of vinyl siloxane chain components. The introduction of phenyl can improve the high and low temperature performance of silicone rubber. The introduction of trifluoropropyl and cyano can improve the temperature and oil resistance of silicone rubber. Silicone rubber low temperature performance is good, generally at -55 ℃ can still work. After the introduction of phenyl, up to -73 ℃. Silicone rubber heat resistance is also very prominent, can be long-term work at 180 ℃, slightly higher than 200 ℃ can withstand weeks or longer is still flexible, instantaneous resistance to high temperatures above 300 ℃. Due to its superior performance, silicone rubber is widely used in aerospace, defense, electrical and electronic, medical and health, transportation, electricity and other industries, and the development of the industry had a profound impact.

Electrical equipment Insulation protective cover Silicone rubber material with high temperature molding, with excellent electrical performance, anti-aging, high and low temperature resistance, can be used under any conditions, the product can effectively prevent the original exposed power equipment terminal due to human contact, Theft, small animals or debris lap, wet salt spray and chemical gas corrosion caused by power outages, so as to avoid the resulting huge economic losses.

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