How to judge the quality of PVC dipping products?

2018-11-16 15:20:28

The surface of PVC dipping products has a variety of smooth, hemp, hard, transparent, nonslip, low temperature series.PVC dipping products can be widely used in metal tool handles, handle, wire hangers, peg, electric insulation, soft rubber set of bean, sports fitness equipment, and other products ,covering 0.1-15 mm thickness, PVC dipping products are porcelain beautiful luster, strong adhesion, abrasion resistance, resistance, heat resistance, high insulation,summer non-contraction,winter noncrack, hand feeling is good, long service life, safe and reliable. The test of various performance indicators have reached or even more than similar foreign products, have very good protection and adornment effect, is an ideal replacement of imported raw materials of high grade plastic materials.

PVC dipping products can be customized into a variety of shapes and colors.As a novice or not familiar with the PVC industry, how to judge the quality of PVC dip is a very important issue. The following is the most direct method for a novice.The color of PVC dip products is not the main problem, the main should be related to the manufacturer to provide the quality component report to analyze.First of all, the manufacturer should provide the product quality report, whether it is environment-friendly, nontoxic and plasticized liquid, and whether it is in line with the European Union environmental protection SGS test report. The ROHS,REACH certificates, etc. should be provided. It is better to provide the us UL certificate.Leached products have higher temperature resistance and stronger pressure resistance.The baptism of general plastic products can reach to 40 ℃ to 105 ℃ (125 ℃), the current can be adjusted to the highest heat resistance.Secondly, whether the surface of the plastic products is smooth, after the adjustment of a good PVC dipping, the product surface produced is smooth, without dark spots, holes and so on.The compression strength of the leached products is usually 3-10kv, which is not easy to tear and can be torn as raw materials.

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