2018 SEO Statistics about Keyword of Hand Grips Manufacturer and Its Related Keywords

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Wenzhou RHI Plastic Co., Ltd. is a famous Hand Grips Manufacturer with world-class full-automatic production equipments, raw materials workshop, mold workshop, production assembly line, lean testing center and automated packaging.  We always keep in line with the principle of “quality first”. Our quality of hand grips is widely praised and recognized by the domestic and foreign customers. All our products reach the EU ROHS/REACH environmental standards and exported to Europe, Australia, Taiwan, Singapore and other countries. We are the best Hand Grips Manufacturer who can provide you with a huge range of hand grips for you to choose from. And we also do well in the market promotion as we have been doing research on SEO Statistics about the Keyword of Hand Grips Manufacturer and Its Related Keywords for a long time. Today we would like to share some of these statistics with you. Please look at the chart below.




SEO Difficulty

Global Searches

Broad CTR

hand grip manufacturer





gymnastics grips





jumbo golf grips





golf grips oversized





golf grips jumbo






From the above statistics, we can know that most of the keywords about Hand Grips Manufacturer are not difficult.


1.       Most of Keywords’ Cost/Mo is less than 30$, only one is higher, which is from “gymnastics grips”-109$.

2.       Most of Keywords’ Difficulty is around 50.

3.       Most of Keywords’ Global Searches are around 1000.

4.       Most of Keywords’ Broad CTR is around 7% to 10%.


Among the 5 related keywords of Hand Grips Manufacturer, “golf grips oversized” had the third lowest Cost/Mo, the second highest Keywords’ Difficulty, the second highest Keywords’ Global Searches and the highest Keywords’ Broad CTR. So I think this keyword is the best keyword to do SEO.


Above all is the introduction of the 5 related keywords about Hand Grips Manufacturer, we hope these statistics will be helpful for you when you are doing the marketing promotion. If you want to know more information about Hand Grips Manufacturer, you can visit www.rhicap.com


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